Angie’s List: Multi-functional small spaces

(WKOW) — Small spaces don’t have to feel cramped or closed in. Whether you live in a studio, loft, condo or are moving your child into a college dorm, here’s how to make the most of your living space in this week’s Angie’s List Report.

With students preparing to move and the trend of tiny homes still going strong, more and more people are wondering how they can make the most out of limited space. Karl Sponholtz, an Architectural and Interior Designer says it ultimately comes down to one thing.

“I think the key question is need and to find out, do you really need certain things? Do you need a dining room table? Do you need to have a space to work? And you include the things that you absolutely need, and you try to eliminate the things you don’t," said Karl Sponholtz, an architectural and interior designer.

If you have the opportunity to design a multi-functional small space remember that simplicity is key.

“My favorite design hack for designing small spaces is keeping it simple. Keep the color palate simple, keep the material simple, and keep them running through the whole space. You don’t want to change floors, you don’t want to change wall colors, you just don’t want to change up too many materials, it can make it look complicated and look smaller," said Sponholtz.  

As a multifunctional and often, shared, small space, dorm rooms can be particularly challenging to create a more spacious feel – especially if you don’t keep them neat and in order.

“Become a pro organizer, an organized room is a bigger room. Consider using clear containers to keep your supplies and your clothes in because it will keep your room tidy," said Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List.  

Moving into a smaller space does not mean you need to compromise on comfort – you just need to choose your furniture wisely.

“When it comes to furnishing small spaces you want to remember one thing that is the most important is comfort so don’t necessarily go for small furniture, go for big furniture that’s low profile. So I would say sofas and chairs that don’t have high backs – you don’t want to use that kind of stuff in a small space. Low backed furniture but big and comfortable,” said Sponholtz.  

Whether you’re moving into a dorm or a small home, Angie suggests talking with those you will be sharing the space with you so you can decide on a singular color scheme and some organization ideas. Having plenty of storage can make all the difference.

Also, you may consider hiring a designer or organization professional to help make your small space feel like home.



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