The Walking Dead’s Negan is joining fighting video game Tekken

By Liam Mathews,

Today in "wow, that’s nuts:" Negan, the whistling, barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat-wielding bad guy from AMC’s horror drama The Walking Dead, will be a playable character in Tekken 7, Gamespot reports.

Tekken 7, which was released last year, is the latest edition of the classic fighting game that I spent hundreds of dollars of quarters playing at the arcade as a kid. Negan will be part of an update. And he’s bringing Lucille with him.

Gamespot points out that Tekken producer Katsuhiro Hirado said last year that while Negan is a "historic villain," he’s "too weak as a fighter" for Tekken. I guess he changed his mind.

with "Lucille"? Haha nice idea.
He is a historic villain, but he is too weak as a fighter. IMO

RT@miranbikhan Negan from The Walking Dead

— Katsuhiro Harada (@Harada_TEKKEN) April 17, 2017

Is Negan too weak as a fighter, though? Let’s think about how he’d do against some other Tekken characters.

Jin Kazama: Does Negan know karate? No, only Jesus (Tom Payne) knows karate. Jin’s too fast for Negan.

King: The luchador with the jaguar mask would throw Negan across the room like a ragdoll. Negan isn’t very big. Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t jacked like a pro wrestler, which is what King is.

Kazuya Mishima: He’s like the strongest character in the game. Negan’s not beating him.

Heihachi Mishima: He may be old, but he’s very tough. Negan can’t out-evil him.

Marshall Law: Do you think Negan could beat Bruce Lee? If you do, maybe reconsider. He couldn’t even beat Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Nina Williams: Can Negan string together combos like Nina? No. Negan has no combos. He probably ate Combos.

Paul Phoenix: Paul looks like he could be a Walking Dead character with his crazy tall hair, and he could punch Negan’s lights out.

Yoshimitsu: C’mon, man. Yoshimitsu has a super-strong prosthetic arm that he uses to slice people up with his sword. You may say "it would be cool to see that sword fight Negan’s bat." I say Negan is too slow. Negan is just a man. He’s not a karate master.

Kuma: Kuma is bear, which means he has a short reach and is slow and lumbering. Negan could stand far away and clonk Kuma in the face with Lucille. Kuma is the only character Negan could beat.

The Walking Dead Season 9 premieres Sunday, Oct. 7 at 9/8c on AMC.

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