US Senate candidate continues campaign despite losing WI GOP support

Chippewa County (WQOW) – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson made three campaign stops in the area Tuesday.

That included a discussion with potential voters in Chippewa Falls Tuesday afternoon.

Over the weekend, his primary opponent Leah Vukmir won the endorsement of the state party. That gives Vukmir access to Republican Party field offices, staff donor lists and other infrastructure. Nicholson said he started this campaign as an outsider and will continue to campaign as one.

"It takes people from outside politics to solve the problems that career politicians have created," Nicholson said. "No matter who I’m running against in this race, I’m running against a career politician one way or another. The people of Wisconsin made it darn clear in the most recent election, they are not interested in sending more career politicians to Washington. That’s why I’m going to win in August."

Nicholson does hold a sizable edge in fundraising and support from PACs, according to the last campaign filings.

The primary is August 14. The winner will face off against Senator Tammy Baldwin in November.

Nicholson is facing backlash after comments he made about Democrats serving in the military.

"I’ll tell you what: Those veterans that are out there in the Democrat (sic) Party, I question their cognitive thought process because the bottom line is, they’re signing up to defend the constitution that their party is continually dragging through the mud," he said.

Tuesday, Nicholson spoke to News 18 about his comment.

"Veterans understand exactly what I was saying," he said. "I’m going to question a lot of people’s thought processes over the course of this campaign. Look, I question the thought processes of anyone who is going to vote for someone like Tammy Baldwin who has mortgaged our nation’s future financially and our security as well, too. Now it’s my job to say here’s a better set of ideas."



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