Border War: Packers fans vs. Viking fans

The  rivalry that began in 1961 between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Viking has not lost any of its passion, whether it’s on the field or among its fan base. Sunday, fans from both sides showed off their colors at the Local Lounge in Eau Claire.

“I mean nothing gets better than Packers-Vikings,” Packers fan Shawn Larson told News 18. "That’s what I live for. We are border rivals. Packers fans talk trash, Viking fans talk trash. You know this is what it is all about,” Larson explained.

The teams have met 114 times with Green Bay leading the series 60 to 2 with two ties. The close competition has formed a healthy dislike between the fans, even those who are friends.

“Green Bay fans, I call them rabid fans because they’re just crazy,” Minnesota fan Sara Kelly told News 18

Many fans in Eau Claire are Packers fans, however there are some Viking fans that are stuck behind "enemy lines". They said they love watching the games, but it can be difficult being a Vikings fan living in Wisconsin.

The Vikings escalated the rivalry Sunday by defeating the Packers, and knocking out star quarterback Arron Rodgers for the remainder of the season. Viking fans did not offer much comfort after the injury.

“If the Green Bay Packers can’t play without Aaron Rodgers, then that is their problem,” Kelly said. Packers fans were just as unforgiving, taunting Vikings fans about never winning a Super Bowl.

The heated rivalry shows no signs of cooling down, but there are some things everyone can agree on. Fans from both sides said, we are border rivals and it doesn’t get better than that.

As far as finding another Quarterback, some Packers fans have thrown around names like Tony Romo, or even Colin Kaepernick. In fact, a Packers fan in Oakland, California has started an online petition to bring Kaepernick to Green Bay.



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