NEW: Settlement reached in EC County lawsuit over dead man’s life insurance

Eau Claire County (WQOW) –
There is a resolution in a dispute over the life insurance proceeds of a local man who died after a fight with his son.

Edward Kohls, from Fall Creek, died in 2016 after a struggle with his son Cody.  

He said he was only trying to stop his father’s attack, but agreed to a plea bargain that resulted in a six-year prison sentence.

Edward Kohls’ brother and two sisters filed a lawsuit, claiming Cody killed his father intentionally, so he shouldn’t get $150,000 in life insurance payout designated in his will.

Court documents show the siblings’ lawyer said a settlement has been reached, but no details were released. 

Posted: October 2, 2017
Eau Claire County (WQOW)
– The Fall Creek man, who is accused of putting his father in a choke-hold that killed him, will spend time behind bars.

On Monday, Eau Claire County Judge Michael Schumacher sentenced Cody Kohls to six years in prison, followed by six years of extended supervision. 

In December 2016, police said Kohls choked his father, Edward Kohls, following an argument in their Fall Creek home. Edward Kohls died a few days later.

Cody Kohls had been drinking at the time but told police it was in self-defense. However, the prosecution said before calling 911, Cody sent a Snapchat of his passed out father. Because of that, they were asking for eight years in prison. But, Cody apologized for his role in the incident and pleaded for leniency.

"Your Honor, since I’ve been in jail, I’ve been focusing on the Bible and growing to become a better person. I need help, and I want to get help for my alcohol addiction," Cody said in court on Monday.

The defense also argued a risk assessment showed Cody had a very low chance of re-offending and that sending him to prison would likely cause him to come out worse. In the end, the judge said he did not believe Cody meant to kill his father but that based on sentencing criteria, he believed six years in prison and six years of extended supervision was a just sentence considering the outcome of the incident.



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