Probation ordered for man accused of beating, robbing Eau Claire teen

UPDATE: The final suspect accused of beating and robbing an Eau Claire teen has been sentenced. 

Last August, Clayton Hopkins and three others were accused of punching and kicking the teen and stealing his backpack, wallet and phone. The boy required 14 stitches. 

Hopkins pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct. In exchange for other charges being dropped, he was ordered to spend two years on probation. 

Three other suspects, Meghan McNamara, Austin Waldera and Dylan Johnson have already been sentenced. 

UPDATE: Another man accused of beating an robbing an Eau Claire teen was sentenced this week.

Dylan Johnson was among those charged with attacking a teen as he was riding his bike home in August. This week, Judge Shaughnessy Murphy put Johnson on probation for three years and ordered him to help pay restitution.

Meghan McNamara and Austin Waldera have both already been sentenced. Clayton Hopkins returns to court in January.

UPDATE: One of the four people accused of beating and robbing an Eau Claire teen pleaded guilty Tuesday. News 18 first reported on this story in August.

Austin Waldera was among those charged with attacking a teen as he was riding his bike home in August. He told police they punched and kicked him and stole his backpack, phone, and wallet and he needed 14 stitches.

Tuesday, Waldera pleaded guilty to a substantial battery charge. He was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to pay restitution.

Meghan McNamara was sentenced in the case in October and will have the charge dropped in two years if she stays out of trouble, does community service and pays restitution

Cases against the two other suspects Clayton Hopkins and Dylan Johnson are still pending.

August 2017
Eau Claire (WQOW) —
Three people face charges after an Eau Claire teen claims he was ‘jumped’ while riding his bike home on Wednesday. 

Meghan McNamara, Austin Waldera and Clayton Hopkins in Eau Claire County on Thursday. All three face felony robbery with use of force charges, among others. 

According to the complaint, the victim told police he was riding home from a friend’s house on Wednesday when he was jumped on 3rd Street in Eau Claire. The victim claims he was punch and kicked, and required 14 stitches following the altercation. The victim says the suspects stole a number of items, including his phone, backpack and wallet.

According to the complaint, the suspects told police at least five different versions of incident, but all claimed self-defense. Waldera told police he did not strike the teen and told police to look at his hands if they didn’t believe him. According to the complaint, Waldera’s hand had blood on them, while Hopkins’ had a number of scrapes.

A search of McNamara’s home turned up the stolen items. 

All three suspects made their initial appearance on Thursday.



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